Long time no write, right?

It’s been a hectic time recently, and there’s plenty of news to get through, so here goes:

Last month, I graduated from Southampton University, having completed my Bachelor’s in Music with a First. In addition, I was awarded the Hazel Muras-Osborn Composition Prize, for “the best achievement overall as a composer on the course”. This prize took me totally by surprise, and an achievement I am very proud of. No doubt it will be a fantastic thing to have moving forwards.

Furthermore, it has been suggested to me by one of my lecturer’s that I submit an essay that I wrote for my final year to an Academic blog, before reworking it and submitting it to a full Academic Journal. Needless to say, I will be taking up this opportunity eagerly.

Following on from all that, next month I will be starting my Master’s in Music Composition, once again at Southampton University, lasting for a whole year. I’m very excited to start it, to focus more closely on my composition after three successful years of a wonderfully broad musical education. I’m especially looking forward to working more closely with the composers there – in particular, Matthew Shlomowitz, who I have already had much success in working with.

In addition to this, I am on the committee for SUStrings, the Southampton University String Orchestra, for 2015-16 in the role of Librarian. I hope to bring a new spin to the role and orchestra, by placing an emphasis on playing student works – either composed, or arranged. And in keeping with a tradition started last year, I hope to make the final concert of the year a soundtrack concert, for which I, as well as other members, have already started arranging a number of pieces.

Perhaps most excitingly though, I have been brought onto a game development team as lead composer. They have already begun work on the game, with a demo of some sort expected next year but a full development time of at least two years, meaning I have time to work on the soundtrack once my Master’s is completed. This is obviously a fantastic opportunity and I look forward to bringing you all more news as I get it.

In addition to all of this, I have a flat all to myself for this next year, and I am in the process of building a new PC (my poor old laptop is getting on a bit and I need the extra grunt of a desktop). With the privacy and extra processing power this gives me, I should be able to return to streaming composition on a more regular basis – and in higher quality! I’ll let you guys know as soon as everything on that end is sorted out.

If you’ve got this far, thanks so much for reading all of this! I promise the next update will not be as slow in coming along as this one was. Given everything that’s happened to me recently and is going to happen, I’m very excited for my future in composition.

For now, I’m just enjoying a sweet Disaronno on the rocks after a hard day’s arranging…

Disaronno on the rocks

Much love to you all,




As we’re now reaching the end of November, people may have noticed my slightly more ragged appearance than normal. I have been taking part in No Shave November, but due to a lack of proactiveness I didn’t have my own donation page. So what can you do to help? Simple, find someone else who has taken part in No Shave November or Movember and donate to them! Perhaps think about donating a bit more for me, too ūüėȬ† I’d personally recommend donating to¬†my good friend Scott Hunter,¬†because his facial hair is magnificently glorious (http://uk.movember.com/mospace/9714465).

What A Delightfully Festive Time…

December Schedule

December is surely one of the most despised months for musicians. Between the learning and relearning of inane Christmas tunes (ugh), frequent and frantic rehearsals (always perfectly organised… not), and then all the concerts (so. many. concerts…), Christmas time is often one of the most stressful times of the year.

Thankfully for me, my schedule for the next couple of weeks is not too bad (as I have learned the all powerful, two letter phrase: no). However, in comparison with my schedule in previous years (or, indeed, the schedules of other musicians this year), this year’s schedule looks completely barren.

So, this holiday season, please spare a thought for the musicians. Whilst you’re excitedly looking forward to your Christmas holiday, they’re most likely rushing from rehearsal to rehearsal to concert to rehearsal so that you can have a soundtrack to your festivities…

A New Start

To those of you who had followed this URL in the hopes that Special Blend might be updated with new content: I apologise profusely.

Ultimately, the content that was on this site prior to this ‘reset’¬†is no longer relevant to my interests, nor was it of a great enough quality¬†that it deserved¬†being preserved for prosperity. Indeed, the very nature and purpose of this blog, from now on, shall be completely different.

Mistmanx.wordpress.com shall now become my professional composing and academic blog. Information and updates about past, current and future compositions, as well as posts relating to general academia will take centre-stage. Currently, I am enrolled on a University of Southampton module known as Living and Working on the Web, at the core of which sits an innovative and progressive style of teaching, learning, working and assessing which is nearly entirely web-based. Much of the early usage of this blog will be relating to that module, but I hope to intersperse that with music-related posts.

I plan to make good use of this blog in the weeks, months and years to come. I hope you will come along with me on this journey, both enjoying and gaining much from the content I post.

Forever looking towards progress,

Calum Burgess